Warning:  I am no longer going to send out detailed information through REMIND or email. I am now going to send out the link to this website and you will have to come here to find out any information, activities, assignments..pretty much anything that is going on in band 🙂

I really want to find a way to mainstream all my communications so you are not receiving long emails or so many remind text from band.  Well, and get everyone using the website the band boosters have helped fund 🙂

We still have our band facebook. Band Facebook

I will still send out quick remind messages and the website link.  And you are still  more than welcome to email or send reminds when you need to.  But please refer to this web site first when you have a question.






  1. go to parent/student/member section
  2. type in school code: loneoakband
  3. If you forgot your password, email jparker@loisd.net. I will re-set the password to the student I.D. (lunch #) then you will use it to log in and then create a new one.
  4. Update personal info (only add email and cell #. Don’t worry about all the other details), check forms and money turned in. Don’t worry about anything else. Use the loneoakband.com calendar, NOT the one on charms as this point as well.
  5. Linking Multiple band students together

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